Tech N9ne reveals how his own track sparked Machine Gun Kelly’s feud with Eminem

"I was blindsided".

Rapper Tech N9ne has discussed how his very own song fuelled the spiralling beef between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly.

In a new interview with HipHopDX, N9ne admitted he wasn’t aware that Kelly had initially used his song ‘No Reason’ to directly attack Eminem.

“Remind y’all you just rap, you’re not God/And I don’t care who got bars”, Kelly raps on the track.


In response, Eminem dropped surprise album ‘Kamikaze‘ last month – which saw him offering an impassioned diss of Kelly on ‘Not Alike’.

“Next time don’t use Tech N9ne to come at me with a submachine gun”, he raps.


Discussing the feud, Tech N9ne said: “MGK called me the next day and was like, ‘Tech man, I’m sorry man. I would’ve given you the Rap Genius breakdown at the beginning to let you know,'” he said. “He was like, ‘You know, we’ve been going at it for a while over his daughter.’

“I was blindsided. I didn’t know it was about Em, you know what I’m saying”, he admitted. “I don’t think the whole verse was about Em but the ‘God’ thing, so Em said next time don’t use Tech N9ne to come at me with a submachine gun but that’s my family they know that I don’t got anything to do with that.”

He also admitted that he encouraged Kelly to directly respond to Eminem – which came in the form of ‘Rap Devil’.


“I said he’s gonna have to come back. I said ‘This is Hip Hop.’”, he explained.

He added: “This was when Em said the ‘submachine gun’ line and I guess Kelly already had [his response] ready. When he talked to me he was kind of apologetic, ‘My bad Tech. It was all in fun’ and I said, ‘Whatcha gonna do?’ And he said, ‘I’ma say something.’ I said, ‘You got to. This is Hip Hop’.”