Francis McDonald is honoured for the success of his label Shoeshine Records...

TEENAGE FANCLUB drummer FRANCIS MacDONALD has been given an award for his record label SHOESHINE RECORDS.

MacDonald has been given the £1,000 Small Business Young Music Professional Award. The accolade gives credit to innovators and entrepreneurs in the music industry.

Speaking about the award, MacDonald said: “I’m thrilled to win the award. Shoeshine is very hand-to-mouth but my releases get great reviews and punters who stumble across the music seem to get what I’m trying to do.

“Finding great music should be the hard part but that doesn’t seem to be the big problem for me – it’s just the first step on the long hard road to selling records.”

Shoeshine have released a number of acclaimed albums, from Scottish bands including Radio Sweethearts and Speedboat, as well as collaborations between more famous artists.