The Scots rockers have signed to Columbia Records following the demise of Creation...

Teenage Fanclub have signed a deal with COLUMBIA RECORDS and have confirmed that their new album will come out on the label in October.

Speaking exclusively to nme.com, guitarist Raymond McGinley said that the announcement in November last year that their former label Creation was to shut up shop had little impact on the recording of the album, which began in August and was completed in March.

“We didn’t really know much ahead of everybody else finding out about it. We are up in Glasgow and although we are friends with [label boss] Alan McGee, they are in London and we had a fairly arm’s length relationship with the record company anyway. So it didn’t have a massive effect on us really,” he said.

“We were always confident that the record would come out, we were just hoping that it wouldn’t turn into some long, drawn-out contractual dispute.” He added that the band were approached by several interested labels, but decided to go with Columbia, part of the Sony group which half-owned Creation, because label boss Blair McDonald was “more interested in talking about the detail of the thing than going, ‘We’ll sell X-amount of records’. The day-to-day stuff is more important than any grand plan.”

He described the recording sessions at Rockfield Studios in Wales as “fairly laid back,” recording a handful of songs at a time, then returning to Glasgow to rehearse: “We didn’t get bogged down in the recording process, we were just going into the studio and concentrating on three songs at a time, it wasn’t like an album session, ‘here’s your new product’.”

Raymond added that the album, whose title is expected to be confirmed in the next couple of weeks, would not have come out earlier than October even if Creation hadn’t been wound up.

He also revealed half of the song titles, though said they were “subject to change depending on our whimsical mood”. The titles so far are: ‘I Need Direction’, ‘I Can’t Find My Way Home’, ‘Accidental Life’, ‘Me Or You’, ‘Happiness’ and ‘Dumb Dumb Dumb’.

The band play the Santi Rock festival in Santiago, Spain, on Saturday before heading off for two festival appearances in Japan and then returning to Scotland for their Glasgow Green Festival In The City gig, headlining the second stage on Saturday, August 26.

“It should be good. We can just sit at home and leave the house half an hour before going onstage!” he added.

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