Tegan and Sara debut ‘I Know I’m Not The Only One’ video during premiere special

The Canadian duo have also announced a new remix EP

Tegan and Sara have debuted the video for new song ‘I Know I’m Not The Only One’ during a 25-minute premiere special.

Originally appearing on their 2019 album ‘Hey, I’m Just Like You’, the Quin sisters shared the song’s video as part of a YouTube special in which they shared memories and music, including never before seen footage of their own high school selves.

Directed by Emma Higgins, the video, which can be seen below around at 12:16 mark, was shot in Vancouver, BC and features a roster of cameos from prominent local artists and musicians such as Kimmortal, Dan Mangan, Louise Burns and many more.


Elsewhere during the 25-minute special, Tegan and Sara announced that they will be releasing a remix EP entitled ‘Hey, We’re Just Like You’ next week.

Arriving on August 7, the EP will feature five reworked tracks from ‘Hey, We’re Just Like You’ by the likes of Matthew Dear, Shura, Tracy Young, Tim Mislock and Mija.

Each mix will be shared with a corresponding video, the first of which can be seen in the YouTube special below (at the 17:34 mark):

See the tracklisting for ‘Hey, We’re Just Like You’ below:

1. ‘I’ll Be Back Someday’ (Tracy Young Extended Remix)
2. ‘Please Help Me’ (Matthew Dear Remix)
3. ‘I Know I’m Not The Only One’ (Shura Remix)
4. ‘I Don’t Owe You Anything’ (Tim Mislock Remix)
5. ‘Hello, I’m Right Here’ (Mija Remix)
6. ‘I’ll Be Back Someday’ (Tracy Young Remix)

The track comes from from the Canadian duo’s 2007 album ‘The Con’. On Twitter, Williams provided some context for the cover: “just wanna say it was a rough handfulla days and im tryin to come out of it. music is the only constant right now, for me.”

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