Tegan and Sara’s beautiful hand-painted guitars stolen

If you see them for sale anywhere, please reach out

Tegan and Sara have reported that two of their custom, hand-painted guitars have been stolen while the singer-songwriters were in LA.

As Billboard notes, the guitars are two Martin LX models with illustrations on them by Lisa Hanawalt, best known for her work on Netflix’s ‘Bojack Horseman‘.


Tegan and Sara have posted information on their Instagram including a picture of the guitars and how to contact the artists if you find any leads on where their beloved instruments might be.

The caption reads: “We would love to get these instruments back. If you see them for sale on online or in-store please send an email to info@teganandsara.com.”


Last year saw the release of The Con X: Covers which featured Hayley WilliamsCHVRCHESRyan Adams and more. The album was a celebration of Tegan and Sara’s fifth studio album ‘The Con’, released in 2007.

Speaking about the business model of the album, Tegan and Sara said: “We wanted the proceeds to go to our recently launched Tegan and Sara Foundation, which raises money for self-identified women and girls in the LGBTQ community.

“With that intention set, we asked 14 artists who were either outspoken allies of the LGTBQ community or LGBTQ themselves to each cover a song from The Con, in any fashion they saw fit.”


Last year, Tegan Quin spoke out to NME about the pitfalls of being a young person in 2017, and the brave steps to seek help if you’re suffering with mental health issues..