Watch Tegan and Sara perform ‘I’ll Be Back Someday’ and discuss high school LSD habit

"My mom was very disturbed by how much we did it"

Tegan and Sara performed their recent single ‘I’ll Be Back Someday’ during an appearance on US TV last night – check out the clip below.

The Canadian duo, who released their album ‘Hey, I’m Just Like You’ yesterday (September 27), featured on the latest episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote the project.

After playing their track in front of colourful animated triangles, the twin outfit sat down to discuss the new LP – along with their coming-of-age memoir, High School.


Elsewhere in the chat, the pair recalled experimenting with LSD as high school students. “We did experiment with drugs and alcohol, and my parents loosely knew that,” Sara Quin explained. “We would say jokingly like, ‘I took acid in high school’, but my mom was very disturbed by how much we did it.”

Discussing being warned of the dangers of using the psychedelic drug, Tegan added: “I think my mom told us if we tried LSD we would jump through plate glass. That didn’t stop us; we did it like 50 times. Is that a lot?”

The duo went on to say that they “replaced that bad habit with music” after stopping taking the drug: “We learned to love each other and have fun together playing music and we stopped doing LSD.”

Meanwhile, Tegan and Sara are due to return to the UK for live shows in Brighton, London and Manchester in November. See the full schedule of dates below.




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