The New York rockers show their appreciation for the festival's curator...

TELEVISION paid tribute to the MELTDOWN FESTIVAL’s curator David Bowie

at their LONDON QUEEN ELIZABETH HALL show last night (June 19).

The reformed New York rockers’ frontman Tom Verlaine fitted in the lyrics to a few David Bowie

lyrics as a coda to a version of Count Five’s ‘Psychotic Reaction’ during the encore. Verlaine included snippets from the likes of ‘Sound And Vision’, ‘Changes’ and ‘Panic In Detroit’.

Television delighted t

he sold-out crowd with a string of old favourites, including debut single ‘Little Johnny Jewel’, ‘Glory’, ‘Venus’ and a 20-minute version of the title track from the band’s classic 1977 debut LP ‘Marquee Moon’.

Meltdown continues with Television playing a second night at the same venue this evening