Noel Gallagher watches Temples in London – but wishes he was seeing them ‘on the Death Star’

The former Oasis man attended Radar band's show at The Lexington

Noel Gallagher attended Temples‘ gig at London venue The Lexington last night (April 29), where he told NME that he’d been looking forward to seeing the trippy-sounding Kettering band for some time, but wishes it had been in a different venue than the small, cramped upstairs room of a pub.

“It’s not really music that should be played in a pub,” said Gallagher, who attended the show with Beady Eye member Gem Archer and former Oasis tour DJ Phil Smith. “It’s cosmic space music – it should be played in an empty Death Star. Even an empty arena during soundcheck would be better. Imagine what they’d sound like with all the echo.”

Gallagher was, however, gushing with praise for the young band, and spoke to them after the show. “I thought it was fucking great and I love them,” he told NME. “When I was listening to it I was thinking about what the record’s going to be, and the future of the galaxy depends on that record and the Jagwar Ma record. If those two records are right, then the imperial – what are they called, the imperial forces… those c*nts – will be defeated.”


Asked if Temples and Jagwar Ma represent a newly psychedelic bent on his listening habits, Gallagher said: “I’m always listening to psychedelic music anyway, but it’s a broad thing, it can go from Jimi Hendrix to The Bee Gees. It’s not like reggae, do you know what I mean?”

Asked what he’s currently working on, Gallagher, who is between tours and album projects, said: “I’m working on a building of love. I’m going to build it for everyone.” Asked to elaborate on exactly what that meant, he said: “Don’t be an idiot – just leave it like that.”

Temples played:

‘The Golden Throne’
‘Colours To Life’
‘Sand Dance’
‘Keep In The Dark’
‘The Guesser’
‘Shelter Song’
‘Sun Structures’

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