Tenacious D play in iconic New York venue

They bring their ironic rock to Madison Square Garden

Comedy rock duo Tenacious D made played for the first time in New York’s iconic Madison Square Garden venue last night (December 1), following the release of their big screen biopic ‘The Pick of Destiny’.

The self-proclaimed greatest band on Earth – namely portly actors Jack Black and Kyle Gass – played in front of elaborate stage sets, delivering songs and skits from the film, their debut album, and their cult classic HBO series.

During the show’s first half, the band played in a recreation of Gass’s living room, replete with a giant glass bong. Showcasing bravado-filled numbers like ‘Kielbasa and ‘The History of Tenacious D’, the pair were joined by actor Jason Reed, reprising his role as Lee, Tenacious D’s number 1 fan.


“Have you seen the entertainment section? The box office report from last weekend? ” Reed asked, casually reading the newspaper on the couch, referring to the Tenacious D film’s poor ticket sales. “A lot of people saw James Bond.” The band had little trouble filling the massive arena, however.

During the second half, after a sketch involving Black and Gass electrocuting themselves and going to Hell, they were joined by a band dressed as Kentucky Fried Chicken icon Colonel Sanders, Charlie Chaplin, and the Anti-Christ. Satan, played by Reed, appeared later.

Performing in front of a set that included smoking volcanoes and a lake of fire backdrop, Gass and guitarist John Konesky dueted instrumentally on The Beatles‘And Your Bird Can Sing’. Later, after the crowd sung along to their underground hit ‘Fuck Her Gently’, the band paid tribute to The Who, encoring with a medley from ‘Tommy’ including ‘Pinball Wizard’ and ‘Listening To You.”

The full set-list ran:


‘The History of Tenacious D’




‘Rocket Sauce’ (to the tune of ‘Blackbird’)

‘Special Things’



‘The Road’




‘Dude (I Totally Miss You)’

‘Kyle Quit The Band’


‘Master Exploder’

‘And Your Bird Can Sing (instrumental)’

‘Break In-City (Storm the Gate!)’

‘Car Chase City’

‘Papagenue (He’s My Sassafrass)’


‘The Metal’

‘Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)’

‘Double Team’

‘Fuck Her Gently’


‘Pinball Wizard’

‘Listening To You’