Jack Black’s band make big screen debut

Tenacious D's film is nearly with us

Jack Black’s band Tenacious D are finally set to hit the big screen.

The Ben Stiller-produced ‘The Pick Of Destiny’ tells the quest of Tenacious D (Black and Kyle Glass) to become the greatest band ever. All they have to do is journey across time and space in search of a magical pick that will be their key to superstardom.

“It’s definitely the funniest movie on paper that I’ve ever read,” Kyle Gass immodestly told Billboard. “It starts off as kind of how the D was formed. It goes into a quest for ‘the pick,’ a magical pick that will supposedly help us rock like the rock gods we so admire. It’s a zillion laughs.”

Meat Loaf guest stars in the movie as Jack Black’s dad.

The film is released on November 17.