Just like David Blaine, they've locked themselves in a box...

Tenacious D have suspended themselves in a glass cage in NEW YORK .

The pair were supposed to go on a 45 day hunger strike, mimicking that of illusionist David Blaine, who performed a similar trick in London.

However, within half an hour Kyle Gass got a little hungry, pulled some sweets from his costume, and started gobbling, bringing an end to the bizarre stunt.

Speaking at a press conference earlier in the day, Jack Black said: “I had five McSurf and Turf deluxe cheeseburgers earlier today. Also, I took a multivitamin. It was a large, horse-pill-sized super-multi.”

“I want to make one thing clear. We are not out on some bullsh– thing where you go up for 44 days and 44 nights. We’re going for a full 45 days and 45 nights, and not only that, but I have evidence that David Blaine had liquid cheeseburgers pumped into his box through a tube. We will not have a tube.”

Gass added: “I have gone over eight hours without eating (once). I feel fully prepared.”

The stunt was to promote their forthcoming DVD release, ‘The Complete Master Works’.