120 lucky competition winners get to see the duo in Edinburgh...

TENACIOUS D performed a tiny instore gig in EDINBURGH last night (March 15), ahead of their sold-out show in the city tonight.

The duo – Jack Black and Kyle Gass – played a short three-song set for 120 competition winners at the Fopp record shop in the city’s Rose Street, to officially launch the store’s upstairs bottle bar – the first record shop in Scotland to have an in-store bar.

Before taking the stage dressed in kilts they sampled some native Scottish produce, including black pudding and haggis suppers, deep fried Mars bars, home-made shortbread and tablet, Irn-Bru and Tennents lager. Earlier in the evening, shortly before the shop closed to the public, Black had reprised his role as obnoxious wannabe rock star store assistant Barry in the movie ’High Fidelity’, serving some bemused customers behind the counter. A spokesperson for Fopp said: “There were a few double-takes when people got to the check-out.”


As they took the stage, Black introduced ’Tribute’ as “the greatest and best song in the world”. He went on to describe ’Fuck Her Gently’ as “a song for the ladies… but I’m singing it to the men.” As he wound up the set, he added: “It’s been a magical evening we’ve shared together here, and thanked the “small but passionate crowd.”

Speaking to NME.COM after the set, Black said he’d hoped there would be more people in the audience who hadn’t managed to get tickets for their gig at the Corn Exchange tonight, which sold out in two days. Revealing that “of course” he had worn his kilt like a real Scotsman (with no underwear), he added: “We were forced into them, and we’ve sworn allegiance to Scotland. I’ve never worn a kilt before. It felt a little scratchy on the privates. It’s pretty heavy, so there was no danger of a Marilyn Monroe blow-up. You would have to jump off a really tall building to have that thing blow up above your cockles.”

Around 400 fans had queued outside the store since 4pm to meet the D with items ranging from a guitar to copies of the album ’Tenacious D’ signed, and were given deep fried Mars bars to sustain them while they waited to meet their heroes. Devotees were proffering gifts including “see you Jimmy” ginger tammies, haggis and a spliff.

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