Tenacious D announce Dave Grohl-featuring new album and animated series, ‘Post-Apocalypto’

The comedy-music duo will return later this year

Tenacious D will release a new album and animated series later this year, the band have confirmed.

The comedy-music duo comprised of Jack Black and Kyle Gass last released a record in 2012 with ‘Rize Of The Fenix‘. In a review, NME called it “an epic fail” and said: “It’s ‘hilarious’, if you’re the kind of person who still likes air drumming to ‘Eye Of The Tiger’.”

The band have now announced their return with album ‘Post-Apocalypto’, which was produced by John Spiker and features Foo FightersDave Grohl on drums. The 21-song album will be released on November 2 and will be available digitally and on CD and translucent green vinyl.


The tracklist for ‘Post-Apocalypto’ is as follows:


‘cave women’
‘i’ve got to go’
‘reunion/not so fast’
‘chainsaw bazooka machine gun’
‘turd whistle’
‘who’s your daddy?’

The record will be accompanied by a six-part animated series, which will air on Tenacious D’s YouTube channel. It will premiere later this month (September 28), with a new episode dropping every Friday until the album’s release.

Black has hand-drawn every frame of every episode himself, while the characters will all be voiced by him and bandmate Gass. The episodes will all feature new music from the pair, which will subsequently be available on digital music platforms each week.

An official synopsis for the show reads: “Post-Apocalypto finds Tenacious D thrust into a world of complete and utter destruction following the drop of an atomic bomb. Surviving the attack in classic cinematic fashion (a good old imperishable 1950’s refrigerator), the duo quickly learns that new forms of evil have spawned from the blast. One thing becomes apparent — for humanity to prevail, Tenacious D must save the world.


“With unimaginable twists and turns, an insane visit to the White House, a time machine, a space adventure, and the help of some tried and true daddy issues, Post-Apocalypto is as hilarious as it is political, and as brilliant and multi-faceted as its incredible creators. The songs are damn good, too.”

Meanwhile, Black, who has enjoyed a career as an actor outside of his work with Tenacious D, accused Thor: Ragnarok of copying School Of Rock, which he starred in.

“You know in School Of Rock when I sing a part of that monstrous Led Zeppelin jam ‘Immigrant Song’ and it’s super bitching, and like the raddest part of the movie?” he said in a video. “Well, it’s come to my attention that someone kind of stole that chunk of our movie and put it in their movie. That’s right – I’m talking about Thor: Ragnarok.”

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