NME cover heroes and the first stars of 2000...

Terris are the best new band in the UK. In fact, we love them so much here at NME, we put them on the cover this week.

“Who hell are they?” 99% of our readers muttered at their cornflakes. Well here’s your chance to hear them and decide for yourself whether our proclamations are true.

‘Trial By Fire’ is the first track from the band’s explosive debut EP ‘The Time Is Now’, out now on Rough Trade. You can now stream the song from nme.com using RealAudio technology.

Terris hail from Newport, south Wales, and are fronted by the enigmatic, big mouth singer Gavin Goodwin. We here at NME reckon they’re “a 21st Century Joy Division, fronted by a young, totally wired, Welsh Tom Waits, strapped to the front of a speeding train with no brakes.”

However, this week’s cover stars simply reckon: “We make records because we have to. We are compelled. We have no choice”. Sounds interesting?

The talk it like they walk it too. Listen to what they’ve got to say about The Manics

The Manics were never more than a bit of rhetoric. And their rhetoric was stolen from greater minds. Look at their lyric sheets, it’s not their words, it’s all quotes.”

“There’s a difference betwen being an artist and loving art. That’s the Manics, they loved literature, loved music, but they never had their own beating heart…….and their songs were shite.”

And their opinion on Catatonia and Stereophonics’ pal Tom Jones? “It’s like Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey who made it embarrassing to come from Wales”.

Terris are now preparing to go into the studio to record their second EP – those who’ve heard demos say it’s an even bigger step beyond their debut.

You can see them play an NME Premier Show on January 26 at the London WC1 Astoria with Feeder, A and My Vitriol.

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