Terror announce new album ‘Pain Into Power’ and share blistering new song

The band reunited with former guitarist Todd Jones on the new record

Long-running hardcore band Terror have announced a new album, ‘Pain Into Power’, and shared the first track from it in ‘Can’t Help But Hate’.

The record follows last year’s ‘Trapped In A World’ and will be the Los Angeles band’s eighth album.

‘Pain Into Power’ was produced by Terror’s former guitarist Todd Jones – who was also one of the founding members of the band, alongside frontman Scott Vogel and drummer Nick Jett.


“Todd is super intense and focused and analyses all angles of songs and band situations,” Vogel said. “Sometimes I think he might know more about Terror than I do! Watching him create songs is inspiring because he was so invested in this album. And that was what we needed because Terror has done this so many times.”

Lead single ‘Can’t Help But Hate’ features Cannibal Corpse’s George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, and clocks in at a blistering one-minute-and-26-seconds. “This song is a fusion of Jordan and Todd Jones’ riffs,” Vogel explained. “Pushed forward by possibly the fastest drumming Terror has ever had. Lyrics that everyone can easily relate to while living in a world crashing deeper into insanity day after day.”

The new album will be released on May 6 and can be pre-ordered here now. The tracklist for ‘Pain Into Power’ is as follows:

‘Pain Into Power’
‘Boundless Contempt’
‘Outside The Lies’
‘One Thousand Lies’
‘Can’t Let It Go’
‘Can’t Help But Hate’
‘The Hardest Truth’
‘On The Verge Of Violence’
‘Prepare For The Worst’
‘Dead At Birth’


This year marks Terror’s 20th anniversary after they came together in LA back in 2002. In that time, they have released seven studio albums and five live albums, including 2008’s ‘CBGB OMFUG Masters: Live June 10, 2004 The Bowery Collection’.

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