The new band were a bunch of tea leafs…

Up and coming new band TEST ICICLES have admitted to a dubious pastime earlier in life.

The London trio used to be addicted to stealing, which between them got them banned from a variety of shops nationwide, including a well-known chain of music stores. Ironically, their debut single ‘Boa Vs Python’ hits the chain’s shelves on August 1.

“When you’ve got no job and your parents can’t pay your rent, you’re fucked,” explained Rory Aggwelt, one of the band’s three guitarist/singers. “You shoplift once and realise how easy it is, then you can’t stop doing it.”

Bandmate Devonte Hynez was officially banned from all Marks & Spencer for stealing. His shoplifting wasn’t limited to items from the cardigan-selling retailer, though. “The best thing I lifted was a ’Family Guy’ box set,” he proudly exclaimed.

Meanwhile Aggwelt got banned from a music shop chain he won’t name for repeatedly stealing from them. “Now they’re going to be selling my records,” he grinned. “The table’s turned.”

Third Icicle, Sam Merrann, began shoplifting aged five. He put his stealing on hold until later in his teens, though, after it turned out that the shop he stole from as a child was owned by a friend of his dad’s. The owner was none too happy, and caught Sam in the act.

Despite their delinquent past, since signing to Franz Ferdinand’s label Domino the band have given up their criminal ways. “We got given loads of money so didn’t have to steal anymore,” said Hynez. “Yeah, now we buy our crack,” joked Merrann.