Teyana Taylor keen to play Dionne Warwick in hypothetical biopic series

Warwick first pitched the idea last week

Teyana Taylor has expressed interest in portraying Dionne Warwick in a biopic series pitched by Warwick last week.

On December 17, the Twitter-savvy Warwick asked fans whether they would be interested in watching a series based on her life.

“Now I’ve really got to know this. If I did a series, would you guys really watch?” she asked in a video uploaded to Twitter.


In her tweet’s description, Warwick tagged Netflix and suggested that Taylor should be cast in the lead role. Netflix promptly responded, claiming to be “taking notes” on the idea.

Now, Teyana Taylor has taken to social media herself, confirming that she would be interested in playing Warwick on screen.

“One thing about them doors…..they open,” she wrote on Instagram.

It also appears that Dionne Warwick and Teyana Taylor have been in contact since Warwick introduced the idea of a biopic series.


“Just had a lovely chat with [Teyana Taylor]. It’s official. Welcome to the Warwick family,” Warwick wrote on Twitter the day after posting her video.

Earlier in December, Teyana Taylor announced her retirement from music, before backing down from the shock revelation. Taylor explained that the comments were a “warning” to her record label.

Elsewhere, Dionne Warwick has caused a stir this month for her comedic social media presence. The 80-year-old has gained traction for her tweets roasting Billie Eilish, Chance The Rapper and more. It was subsequently announced that Chance and Warwick had begun working on music together alongside The Weeknd.