Thatchers Haze and NME launch The Emerging Artists Project

In partnership with Thatchers Haze

Thatchers Haze and NME have joined forces to launch The Emerging Artists Project.

Thatchers Haze & NME are championing the skills and craft needed to make music properly – so we’ve teamed up to give emerging artists a platform to get heard by NME’s global music loving audience.

Each track that is submitted is guaranteed to be heard by a member of the NME team – with artists receiving a comment back about their music. “NME has been at the forefront of new music coverage for decades now, and as we move into 2017 we’re looking to find the most exciting, unique and fresh sounds regardless of genre. This is a seriously great opportunity for emerging acts to get their music heard” says Thomas Smith, NME’s New Music Reporter.

Enter the competition by submitting your track for us to listen to here

“Doing things properly is hard. It takes time. We believe some things should be done properly. We make cider the way we do because there’s a craft to it, and we feel the same way about music – that’s why we’re collaborating with NME on the Emerging Artists Project” says Yvonne Flannery, Marketing Director at Thatchers.

Important prizes for emerging artists

The winner of the competition will receive studio time worth £10k, and will work with mentor Murkage Dave (collaborator of Mike Skinner/TONGA/Nekfeu) to record a four-track EP in a London studio.

NME will also throw you not one, but two EP release parties – one in the NME venue and another in Birmingham to celebrate your EP release.

In addition to that, the winner will have coverage on, across NME’s social media channels and be placed onto one of NME’s carefully curated Apple Music playlists.

Best of all, when the EP is released, we’ll get it distributed on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music – Artists will keep 100% of any royalties made from their music.

If you want to get involved, you can enter the competition for free here.

It’s free to enter the Emerging Artists Project