Watch James Corden really enjoying The 1975 at Glastonbury

Comedian and TV host caught the band at the Other Stage

James Corden was spotted watching The 1975 from the side of the stage at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

The British band played the festival’s Other Stage, with frontman Matt Healy speaking out against the Brexit win in the EU referendum.

During the set, Corden was filmed by the BBC whilst clapping along at side stage. See that in the tweet below.


Matt Healy called the result of the EU referendum, which will see the UK leave the union, a “sentiment of anti-compassion”.

The frontman paused the band’s set ahed of ‘Loving Someone’ to take the time to talk about how he felt about the decision.

“This song is about compassion, and loving people, and I feel like as a young person I’ve got a responsibility to say something,” he began. “What do I know, I don’t fucking know anything. I’m a popstar in a suit, but what I feel, and I know what a lot of people my age feel is that there’s this sentiment of anti-compassion that’s spread across an older generation and voted in a future that we don’t fucking want.”


As the crowd cheered loudly with approval, he continued: “And like I said, I know, I’m a popstar, what do I know, but it is appropriate for me to say that because I’m here, because we’re at Glastonbury, and Glastonbury stands for fucking everything that our generation fucking wants.

“Compassion, social responsibility, unity, community, everything like that. Fucking loving people. And I think that when you stand on a stage like this, in front of so many obviously beautiful, intelligent people, it’s difficult to say nothing. I love you, Glastonbury, thank you so much for coming to our set.”

Later, Healy introduced ‘If I Believe You’ as being “about Jesus Christ. Big Jimmy C. That’s why I’m wearing this [white] suit.”


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