The 1975: ‘Our record sounds more like Whitney Houston than The Smiths’ – watch

The band also open up about Liam Gallagher being a fan of theirs

The 1975 have discussed the influence their hometown of Manchester has had on their sound, as well as their reaction to finding out Liam Gallagher is fan of their work – watch below.

In the interview with KROQ, frontman Matt Healy discussed how the band feel about their Mancunian roots.

Healy said: “With Manchester, there is this stoic adherence to past bands that come from particular genres. There’s a really kind of tribalist outlook – especially on the way that older people perceive music that’s coming out of Manchester, but because we never kind of wore the Manchester badge of honour, our geographical location has never been that inspiring of relevant to us as a band so it didn’t really matter.”

He continued: “We kind of excluded ourselves from any kind of tribe or predetermined idea of what we should sound like and just made a record that sounds more like Whitney Houston than The Smiths.”

Healy went on to discuss an encounter with Liam Gallagher.

He revealed: “Liam Gallagher is a fan of ours. He came over to us in Australia and said hello. It’s really weird, because we were on stage with Snoop Dogg and Liam Gallagher and he came over to me and was like, ‘I like your band’… It was weird.”