Watch The 1975 cover One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ with a symphony orchestra

The band performed a special one-off gig in Blackpool with the BBC Philharmonic last night

The 1975 covered One Direction‘s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ as part of their one-off gig with the BBC Philharmonic symphony orchestra last night (September 30).

The band’s Live Lounge Symphony at Blackpool’s iconic Tower Ball saw them team with the BBC Philharmonic for orchestral versions of 10 of their own songs too, including ‘Love Me’, ‘The Sound’ and ‘Chocolate’. They also performed an orchestral cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’.

BBC Radio 1’s Clara Amfo shared a picture of the set list on Instagram shortly after the gig finished.

Earlier in the day, frontman Matt Healy had revealed that rehearsing with the BBC Philharmonic for the special gig wrapping up Live Lounge Month 2016 had reduced him to tears.

“I was crying today, at times,” he told BBC Radio 1. “The orchestra really makes the up moments more celebratory and the down moments more introspective and melancholy. It’s the first time I’ve wanted to do another run through of a soundcheck. It was incredible.”

Sam Swallow, who was tasked with arranging the band’s songs for The 1975 to perform with the BBC Philharmonic, said of his method: “I stay as close to their vision as I can without distorting it with my own work. They’ve written so many good parts and sections that inter-weave. If you add too much more on top of it, it just gets complicated so it’s about trying to interpret what’s already there.”

Watch the cover of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ below, and the full performance on BBC iPlayer.