The 1975’s Matt Healy: “The days of being able to get away with anything are dead”

The 1975 frontman talks the changing face of rock and roll

The 1975 frontman Matt Healy has opened up about the changing face of rock and roll, stating that the internet has changed the way rock stars act.

The band recently announced a huge show set to take place in London’s The O2 on December 16. Due to its popularity, the band added a second date on December 15.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Healy addressed a question about Gene Simmons saying rock is dead. “The days of being a rock star without any kind of self-awareness are dead,” he replied.


He continued, “The days of being able to get away with anything and be glorified for it are dead. Thanks to the Internet, everybody’s got everybody else’s number. How do you go out and be fucking Jim Morrison? The world isn’t gonna allow for that, so [stardom] needs to incorporate humility and self-awareness – or, in my case, some awkwardness.”

He also revealed that he has no plans to release a solo record, saying “things like that happen when people want another creative outlet.” He continued to say, “I mean, it’s not like the guys are getting in my way. I’ll just make a different-sounding 1975 record.”

Healy also explained his love of performing shirtless, saying it is a “practical” thing. “It gets very hot during a gig and you don’t want to get your clothes all sweaty while you’re living on a tour bus. Although, we have stepped up in the world and now I can get my stuff dry-cleaned after a show,” he said.