Watch The 1975’s Matt Healy say “Fuck Donald Trump!” on stage at Los Angeles gig

Frontman urges young people to use their vote at next month's election

The 1975‘s Matt Healy shared his thoughts on the political rise of Donald Trump at the band’s gig in Los Angeles on Friday night (October 14).

Speaking from the stage, the frontman urged American young people to ensure they use their votes next month to avoid a Brexit-like shock when the nation chooses between the Republican presidential candidate and Hillary Clinton on November 8.

“This year – politically, democratically, we completely fucked it up,” he told the crowd. “Listen, I’m not here to talk about politics, but what I’m gonna say is what happened in our country is that a younger generation left the responsibility… we thought the older generation was going to be empathetic and understanding and responsible and do the right thing… and it didn’t.”

“And everything kind of backfired, and everyone who hadn’t voted felt like a twat,” he continued.

“You’re very very close to a very very fucked up situation,” Healy then warned the crowd. “I can see literally thousands of young liberal, hopefully intelligent young people here. Look, we still got a shock. Fuck Donald Trump, you have to vote! This is the world calling: Vote!” Watch fan-shot footage below of Healy’s appeal to the crowd below.