Matty Healy reveals track title from The 1975’s new album

'Music For Cars' is set for release next year

The 1975 frontman Matty Healy has revealed a track title from their incoming new album ‘Music For Cars’.

Taking to Instagram, Healy posted an image of his iTunes library, showing a two hour 13-minute long playlist titled ‘Music For Cars’, which has already been confirmed as their third album’s title. “The need to start editing”, Matty has captioned the image.


In addition, the image shows a track title, ‘Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America’. In a comment below the image, Matty confirms the track’s title, writing: “it is the actual track name yes”.

Check out the image below.

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the need to start editing

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At their recent Latitude 2017 headline set, The 1975 confirmed that they will be back on tour “in October 2018.”

Healy has already confirmed the band will release ‘Music For Cars’ next year, and on stage at the festival kept repeating the date “the first of June, the 1975”, leading many to believe that ‘Music For Cars’ will be released on June 1 2018 . The phrase is famously where the band got their name from, after the frontman read it in a book of beat poetry. Earlier that month, Healy tweeted the forthcoming record’s title, swiftly followed by “1st June – The 1975”.

Healy has also confirmed that the debut album from The 1975 side project Drive Like I Do will be released “in the coming few years”. Healy’s band used to go by the name Drive Like I Do, regularly covering Fall Out Boy songs, before changing it to The 1975.