Watch The 1975’s emotive new video for Greta Thunberg collaboration

The video for 'The 1975' is a powerful comment on climate change

The 1975 have shared a new video for their self-titled collaboration with Greta Thunberg — you can watch the visual for ‘The 1975’ below.

Featuring a spoken-word speech from Thunberg that plays over an instrumental, the track, which opens the band’s new album ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’, won praise upon its release for the way it helped to raise awareness of climate change.

NME described the track as “a bold, brave move” that “challenges listeners to rebel against the establishment” in a first-track review following its release last July.


The new accompanying video to ‘The 1975’ sees the words of Thunberg’s speech playing over alarming images of climate change in action. You can watch it below:

Speaking about the time he met Thunberg last year on Pedestrian.TV, frontman Matty Matty Healey said the 17-year-old environmental campaigner was “one of the only people I’ve been truly starstruck by.

“She’s so famous in regards to iconographically famous. You know she’s like, on a poster with Gandhi kinda-famous. So when I first seen her through the studio, through like frosted glass as well, you could just see the outline of her. And like Slash said, ‘To be truly iconic, you must be recognisable in silhouette’. She’s recognisable in silhouette. So, it was really powerful.”

Healy continued: “Greta is the most punk person I’ve ever met in my life. When I met her, she was wearing an ‘anti-fascist all-stars’ t-shirt. I know like, not like an ‘antifa’ – she wasn’t supporting violence, she was supporting…fucking wild, man. Like I came from that kind of thing.”


In a review of their latest album, ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’, NME wrote: “Instead of issuing another state-of-the-world album, The 1975 have somehow put out an album made for introspection and headphone listening and dancing around your living room, something deep and sprawling and occasionally silly to dig deep into over many listens, during which your favourite track will shift on a daily basis.

“Something that requires time and attention – something just right for now.”