The 1975 take step into sustainable fashion as they repurpose old merchandise

This is genius.

The 1975 are taking a step into sustainable fashion after repurposing old merchandise in a bid to cut down on waste.

The Manchester band, who recently teamed up with environmental activist Greta Thunberg, have printed over some of their oldest t-shirts with fresh logos relating to ‘Notes On A Conditional Form‘ – their upcoming fourth album.

Posting on Instagram, frontman Matty Healy shared a video showing the array of t-shirts – which were originally printed with old tour dates and typefaces dating back to their 2013 debut album.


Each t-shirt has now been given a contemporary twist, with a luminous design and the acronym ‘NOACF’ featuring over the top of the original motif.

Healy captioned the video: “OK! So here is the first drop. We are not making new shirts for now. Unsustainable. SO, AND I’M SO FUCKING INTO THIS. This run is all old shirts (first album, early tours etc) that we had kept and have reprinted as your NOACF shirts.”

While the repurposed shirts are available to buy, Healy also confirmed that fans will be able to take their own band t-shirts to Reading & Leeds where they can receive the same print update for free.

“You will also be able to bring any old 1975 shirt or ANY band you loves shirt and have the same print done over the top there and then,” Healy confirmed.


Praising the move, punk star Frank Carter wrote: “This is genius. Well played. Time to get in the loft and dig out my old ones”.

The band’s step into eco-conscious clothing comes after Healy and manager Jamie Oborne claimed that climate activist Greta Thunberg was snubbed by a lot of other big artists.

NME recently described their climate-change collaboration ‘The 1975’  as a “bold, brave move, and one that might be accused of being cynical had The 1975 not got such form in putting world events into music faster than their peers.”


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