The 1975’s Matt Healy and Mike Skinner have been pictured working in a recording studio together

Healy recently said that his band's fourth album had been influenced by Mike Skinner's band

The 1975‘s Matt Healy and Mike Skinner have shared pictures of themselves in the recording studio together.

Both artists took to Instagram to share photos although it is unclear exactly what they are working on.

The Streets frontman shared a picture of Healy alongside various pieces of equipment with the caption: “Best studio in a hotel room ever”, while the 1975 man posted a photo the pair together with the caption: “tunes heavy”.


Healy previously said that The 1975’s upcoming fourth album had been influenced by The Streets.

He added: “It’s really deconstructed. There’s some quippy lyrical bits that will make up a narrative. I don’t want to compare ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ and this too much, because they are two completely different times.”

Speaking to NME about what to expect from the album, their Dirty Hit label boss Jamie Oborne told NME that it was very much “a nighttime record“.

“Matty often gives us these soundbites and they’re always so on the nose,” said Oborne. “It’s going to be brilliant.


“They love rave culture and house music. They’re from that generation of hotboxing in cars and listening to British dance music. You’ll definitely hear that on the record. It’s quite a British record, and what Matty’s talking about is this feeling of ‘the nighttime’. That’s what has stuck.”

It is unclear at this stage, whether Skinner and Healy are working on new songs for the fourth album.

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