The Academy Is… announce their split

Chicago rockers part ways after eight years together

The Academy Is… have announced that they have split up.

The Chicago five piece released three albums during their eight year career, their debut ‘Almost Here’ in 2005, ‘Santi’ in 2007 and ‘Fast Times In Barrington High’ in 2008, the latter has proved to be the band’s final album.

The band, who were signed to Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz‘s Decaydance record label during their career, have released a statement on their break-up which is written by frontman William Beckett. It cites a “growing distance” between the band members as the key reason for the break up.


The statement reads: “I’m having a hard time starting this. I could say something like “pride comes before the fall”, or “the skill in attending a party is knowing when to leave”. Rather, I’m going to just come right out and be honest. The September show in New York was the last show for The Academy Is. While this is a very difficult decision to make, I believe in my heart that it is the right decision to make.”

It continues:

For years there has a been a growing distance felt within the band as we’ve progressed, both geographically and artistically and instead of trying to patch the holes that we’re left with, my heart tells me its time to move on with the next chapter of our lives. I want to thank the fans, the world’s greatest, for all of your love and support love the years.

Beckett then went on to outline his future plans, writing: “While this is the end of 8 unforgettable years of The Academy Is…, this is not the end of my story. Not by a long shot. I will be working on a new record in the coming months and have never felt more freedom and inspiration to create my best and most honest work yet.”

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