Did The Antlers just announce their break-up?

The band responded to a fan question

It looks like The Antlers have split up.

The Brooklyn band have been quiet since they finished their tour in support of their 2015 album ‘Familiars’.

Frontman Peter Silberman later suffered from “tremendous” and “all-consuming” tinnitus and hearing loss in his left ear before slowly returning to music to release his debut solo album ‘Impermanence’ in 2016.


“It was very scary, this really tremendous ringing in my ears — I don’t even know if ringing was really the right way to describe it, because it really sounded more like rushing water,” Silberman told NPR in December.

“It sounded more like it was in the same family as tinnitus that I had had before. … But this was at a level I’d never experienced before and it was really all-consuming, it took over. Playing music at all was out of the question. The sound of my own voice reverberating in my head was very painful, and I pretty much had to just be more or less silent while this was happening.”

“I started trying to play again and trying to sing again, testing where the boundary was of the sensitivity and of the pain of it. What I found was that if I sang very quietly and if I played guitar very quietly that this would be a path for me.”

The Antlers have yet to announce their official break-up but according to a tweet from the band’s account earlier today, it looks like it could all be over.

A fan on r/indieheads tweeted at the band to ask how long their hiatus would last, to which the band responded: “probably forever…sorry dude.”


The band’s tweet has since been deleted and there’s been no further announcements.