The Aubreys announce their debut album ‘Karaoke Alone’ and share title track

'Stranger Things' star Finn Wolfhard and Malcolm Craig will release their first LP in November

The Aubreys have announced their debut album ‘Karaoke Alone’ and shared its title track – you can hear the new song below.

Stranger Things and It star Finn Wolfhard and his bandmate Malcolm Craig are preparing the release of their first LP on November 5.

“While recording we experimented with a lot of new and old sounds, but we went in with no expectations other than to have fun and make a wicked album,” Wolfhard and Craig said in a statement about ‘Karaoke Alone’. “And we think we succeeded.”


You can hear The Aubreys’ latest song ‘Karaoke Alone’ below.

Written during the coronavirus-enforced lockdown last year, where Wolfhard and Craig would exchange ideas over text and voice memos, the duo eventually convened in Chicago to record ‘Karaoke Alone’ with Andrew Humphreys and Twin Peaks’ Cadien Lake James and Colin Croom.

‘Karaoke Alone’ will be the follow-up to The Aubreys’ March 2020 EP ‘Soda & Pie’. The pair have also released the singles ‘Smoke Bomb’, ‘No Offerings’ and ‘Sand In My Bed’ over the past year.

The Aubreys are due to perform at Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta next month, with further tour plans set to be announced soon.


Speaking to NME last year about his musical relationship with Craig, Wolfhard said that they are “a little telepathic” when it comes to their musical understanding.

“We know each other really well so we know our quirks, how we play the drums and what can be expected of each other, so it’s hard to overstep when it comes to things like that,” he said.

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