The Automatic involved in plane drama

Band saw their lives flash before their eyes

The Automatic have revealed how they had a lucky escape after their plane got caught up in a horrific storm.

The Welsh electro four-piece were on a flight to Paris when they had their near death experience.

Drummer Iwan Griffiths told the Daily Record: “We were meant to get the train to Paris but missed it, so we had to fly even though the weather was horrific. Our guitarist, (James) Frost, was throwing up in a sick bag then there was weightlessness in the cabin.

“My drink hovered above me long enough for me to gasp, ‘Oh My God’, and then it went over my lap. It was boiling hot. It was so windy the plane couldn’t even land. Everyone went silent. I thought that was it.”

The band are due to kick off the Shockwaves NME Awards Indie Rock tour with The View, The Horrors and Mumm-Ra in Belfast Ulster Hall on January 29.

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