The Automatic’s Kanye West cover gets release

‘Gold Digger’ will finally come out

The Automatic are set to release their version of Kanye West‘s 2005 smash hit ’Gold Digger’.

The song, which has been a festival favourite in 2006, will be featured on the B-side of single ‘Raoul’, which is set to be re-released on November 27.

The band decided to cover the song, after finding the lyrical themes quite apt.


Keyboardist Alex Pennie told NME.COM: “We can relate to the whole groupie thing. It’s a very apt song for us: you get girls coming to our gigs who just want to sleep with a guy in a band. It’s a bit cringeworthy.”

However the band added they were still waiting for West‘s verdict on their efforts.

“I think people at the record company have emailed him a copy,” singer Rob Hawkins said. “But I don’t know what he makes of it, it he approves of it or even cares!”

The band experienced difficulties getting the legal go-ahead to release the cover, due to the fact the song contains a sample of soul legend Ray Charles’s I Got A Woman’.

Hawkins said: “No one was being arsey about it. There were just lots of different family lawyers involved.”

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