The Automatic rubbish The Horrors

The Welsh four-piece call the goths 'crap'

The Automatic have lashed out at The Horrors in this week’s issue of NME, branding the goth newcomers as “crap”.

This week’s cover stars, who are currently in the middle of their biggest UK tour yet, said the band have “only got four songs” and they are “all style over content”.

Singer Rob Hawkins said: “What the fuck are The Horrors all about? How dare The Horrors do what they do? How dare they?”

Guitarist James Frost added: “They suck! They’ve just got big hair! They suck. This hype means nothing because as soon as their songs come out people are going to realise how crap they are.”

Also in this week’s NME there’s an exclusive interview with The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr., Towers Of London open up about their fly on the wall TV show, Babyshambles reveal all about their comeback EP and My Chemical Romance‘s eagerly awaited new album ‘The Black Parade’ is reviewed.

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