Pennie quits The Automatic: Fans not surprised

The band's followers saw the keyboardist's exit coming

As previously reported on NME.COM, Welsh indie rockers The Automatic announced yesterday (September 18) that keyboard player Pennie had quit the band.

The band’s official website forum has unsurprisingly been buzzing since the news was announced.

General fan consensus is not one of surprise, as Pennie had previously made it clear he was not particularly interested in his band’s music.


Here are a selection of messages the band’s fans have left:


“Good luck wishes to Pennie, I’m sure he’s much happier now!”


“My god, I thought this was never going to get announced – it’s been circling for so long now. I cannot wait to hear the new stuff!”



“Finally – they took long enough to announce it. [It’s] just a shame for those people who, if they had known, would have made an effort to travel to his last shows.”

‘Spiders Aren’t Scared’:

“He was always a nice guy when I met him, but his contributions to the band were always the bits I didnt like, so I’m not too sad to see him go. I just wanna see what happens next with the three that remain. It will be very interesting.”


“I wish him the best of luck, he clearly wasn’t happy. Hopefully now he can do something that will make him happy. Every time I chatted with him he was nothing but lovely and friendly; I recall the time he cut off a conversation with a big cheese studio type so he could come and say ‘hi’ to us.”

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