The Automatic trash GMTV set

Band unleash monster on early morning show

The Automatic showed their rock and roll roots by trashing the set during their GMTV appearence this morning (July 21).

Performing single ’Monster’, the band ran amok in the show’s outside garden knocking over furniture, instruments and the odd cameraman while miming their song.

However speaking to NME.COM keyboardist Alex Pennie explained their preparations for the programme didn’t make for a smooth show.

“We decided to stay up all night after the gig in Bristol rather than have to get up early for GMTV – we’ve never been very good in the mornings!” he said.

“(Guitarist) (James) Frost was pretty drunk when we started ‘Monster’ and I’m easily led,” Pennie added. “Before we knew it, I was standing in my boxer shorts in the GMTV garden and Frost has trashed all the equipment.”

The band now doubt they’ll be asked back onto GMTV.

“Wonder if we’ll get asked back?” mused the keyboard player. “Maybe we won’t have to worry about early starts any more.”

Footage from this morning’s show can now be seen at