The Automatic gear up for ‘Monster’ instore tour

The Welsh four-piece are playing a gig in Brecon too

The Automatic are embarking on an intensive tour of record stores in the run-up to the release of their single ’Monster’.

Kicking off in their hometown of Cardiff today (June 5), the NME New Music Tour stars will take in a staggering eight cities in five days, culminating in two gigs in Birmingham on June 9.

The indie foursome are also playing a full gig at Brecon Theatre Brycheniog tonight in addition to their Cardiff instore.

’Monster’ is out today on B-Unique Records.

See the band at the following instore appearances:

Cardiff, HMV (June 5, 5pm)

Manchester, Fopp (June 6, 12.30pm)

Liverpool, HMV (June 6, 5pm)

Sheffield, Fopp (June 7, 12.30pm)

Leeds, HMV (June 7, 5pm)

Bath, Fopp (June 8, 12.30pm)

Bristol, Fopp (June 8, 5pm)

Birmingham, Swordfish (June 9, 12.30pm)

Birmingham, HMV (June 9, 5pm)