The Avalanches could be releasing new material

They've updated a mysterious image to all of their social media channels

The Avalanches have updated all of their social media accounts with the same image, once again prompting those comeback rumours.

The Australian group released ‘Since I Left You’ back in 2000 and a follow-up has been highly anticipated ever since.

The band has had a Facebook and Twitter account for a few years but they seem to have recently created a new Instagram account, uploading the same image of a butterfly on black material on all. This could mean new material from the band.


Rumours of new material have been circulating for years, with a leaked track in 2015 turning out to be a fake after Kansas producer Amherst tweeted that it belonged to him.

In 2008 it was reported that the band had finished work on their follow-up after they updated their MySpace page to tell fans: “New material soon.”

However, despite both Ariel Pink and Danny Brown claiming they have worked on songs for the new album, nothing has been released yet, aside from a contribution to a new musical version of King Kong.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on those social channels.