Drummer Swee has to put away his sticks due to injury...

The Bandits were forced to play an impromptu acoustic gig on Wednesday (November 7) at the EXETER CAVERN after their drummer had to put away his drumsticks due to a nasty bout of tendonitis.

The band played a full set, including album tracks ‘Two Step Rock’, ‘Take It And Run’ and an exclusive cover of Damned‘s ‘Looking At You’.

Unfortunately, for the sticksman Swee, he will be out of action for four weeks. He was told by his doctor on October 25 that he would have to temporarily be unable to play drums and may have to change his drumming technique in the long term.


Swee said: “I’d rather not be in the band at all than change my drumming style. It’s just really frustrating and painful.”

However The Bandits, sitting on stools and wrapped in scarves, invited their afflicted bandmate ‘The One Armed Bandit’ onstage during a performance of the B-side ‘Odds And Ends’, though onlooker commented: “He didn’t actually do anything.”