Rare Beach Boys sheet music discovered in garage to be sold for £7m at auction

Thousands of items discovered in Florida are set to be sold at auction

The original sheet music to over 150 of The Beach Boys‘ songs are set to be sold for nearly £7m after being discovered in a garage in Florida.

The archive spans 20 years of the band’s career and consists of thousands of documents including the original handwritten musical arrangements for hit singles such as ‘God Only Knows’, ‘I Get Around’ and ‘Surfin’ USA’. As well as sheet music, the lot also includes handwritten lyrics, recording contracts, signed copyright certificates, royalty cheques and personal letters. The unnamed music company selling the items reportedly paid just a few hundred pounds when buying them in a blind auction.

It is believed that the items were left in the garage by a band associate in the 1970s. A court has ruled that the discovery of the items was a “fair find” and that no members of the band will profit from the sale. The archive will go on display in London’s Hard Rock Cafe from next week and is being sold by auctioneers Fame Bureau from May 15. Speaking to The Express, Ted Owen, of the Fame Bureau, said: “This archive was lost over the course of time. But it is like the Bible of the Beach Boys career – and it was discovered by chance.”

Meanwhile, factions within The Beach Boys camp have worsened this week with the news that Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and David Marks have extended their Summer tour. The three started playing live after Mike Love vowed to continue using the band name and perform live against his bandmates will.