The Beach Boys’ Bruce Johnston: ‘We’d be happy with a dollar for our album’

Plus the band give an update on their new record

The Beach Boys‘ Bruce Johnston has said he would be happy to make $1 (64p) per album in order to reach more fans.

The band, who announced plans to reform for their 50th anniversary last December, are currently working on new material and last month unveiled a clip of ‘That’s Why God Made The Radio’, the first single from their new album, which is due out in June. Scroll down and click below to watch the band talking about that track.

Speaking to Billboard, Johnston said:

Years fly by and people are making albums on their own and they sell them for $10 (£6.40), and if they sell 10,000 they’re happy. I’d rather make $1 an album, sell a million and reach more people.

Johnston, who joined The Beach Boys in 1965 to replace Glen Campbell in the band’s touring line-up, also said the songs on their new record have been predominantly penned by Brian Wilson.

He added: “Brian had scraps of songs and we’ve just been shoving them together. It’s more Brian-heavy than Al [Jardine] or myself. This band is about the songs Brian wrote with different collaborators.”

The Beach Boys formed in 1961 and enjoyed huge success throughout the following decades. Wilson last performed with The Beach Boys during the making of their 1996 album ‘Stars And Stripes Vol 1’, and has toured as a solo artist since. Two former founding members, Dennis and Carl Wilson, died in 1983 and 1998 respectively.