The band will have to find a new moniker after run-in with US namesakes…

LONDON garage rockers The Beatings have to find a new name after being served notice by a BOSTON band who’ve been performing with the same name since the ‘90s.

The Verve, Suede and My Bloody Valentine are just a few of the bands who’ve been forced to undergo a name change to please artists overseas. Singer Nick Pankhurst told NME.COM the group have known about the existence of their US namesakes since they formed, but “as any sensible band would do, we pretended they didn’t exist!”

“We vaguely knew about them all along but we waited for one of us to catch on fire,” he told NME.COM. “And as neither band seemed to fall in to that category we were left at the crossroads staring at each other. And then they kind of beat us to it. Basically they were that much more efficient than we were.”

The UK [/a]

were told almost two months ago they had to change their name immediately, but work on their debut album with [a]’s Kevin Shields has been so intense they have already missed several deadlines.

Nick joked: “We were thinking of calling ourselves ‘The Boston Beatings’, just to annoy them. We thought they should have changed their name – The London Beatings doesn’t sound as cool as that! The thing is, we never really liked the name in the first place. It took ages for everyone to get used to it and now we’ve got used to it we have to change it!”

The band hope to think of a new name within the next few weeks. Any ideas, e-mail

and we’ll pass them on.