The Beatles’ companies are being sued over concert footage in their new documentary

Their 'Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years' doc opens in UK cinemas tomorrow (September 15)

Two companies related to The Beatles are being sued by the company that represents the late promoter of their legendary Shea Stadium concert.

Director Ron Howard‘s new documentary about The Beatles on the road, Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years, features 30 minutes of remastered footage from the iconic 1965 concert, but promoter Sid Bernstein’s company is seeking an injunction to prevent it from being shown.

The lawsuit has been filed in New York by Sid Bernstein, LLC against The Beatles’ companies Apple Corps Ltd. and Subafilms Limited, Billboard reports. It argues that as the concert’s promoter, Bernstein was “the dominant and hence sole owner” of the footage, and therefore has the right to decide when it is and isn’t used.


The lawsuit states: “By reason of being the producer of and having made creative contributions to the 1965 Shea Stadium performance, as well as being the employer for hire of the Beatles and the opening acts, who performed at his instance and expense, Sid Bernstein was the dominant, and hence sole, author of the copyrightable work embodied in the Master Tapes, and the sole owner of all exclusive rights therein.”

Neither Apple Corps Ltd nor Subafilm Limited has commented on the lawsuit yet. Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years opens in the UK tomorrow (September 15) and in the US on Friday (September 16). Watch the trailer below.