Paul McCartney claims The Rolling Stones envied The Beatles’ singing

Macca also says Mick Jagger referred to his band as a 'four-headed monster'

Paul McCartney has said that The Rolling StonesKeith Richards admitted that his band envied The Beatles‘ singing prowess.

In a new interview with the Radio Times, McCartney said: “I talked to Keith Richards a couple of years ago, and his take on it was: ‘Man, you were lucky, you guys, you had four lead singers,’ whereas The Rolling Stones only had one.”

McCartney also said that the Stones‘ singer Mick Jagger used to call The Beatles “the four-headed monster.” He said: “We were an entity. Mick [Jagger] used to call us the four-headed monster. We would show up at places all dressed the same.”


The Liverpool legend added that he believed his bandmates were lucky to have even met, as they only missed being forced to do national service by a couple of years. “One of the most amazing things for The Beatles is that we just missed it,” he said. “A couple of years earlier, we would have been in the army, and it’s very doubtful that The Beatles would have formed.”

Ringo Starr, meanwhile, recently said that his Beatles mates were lucky to have recruited his services.

McCartney recently said that he plans to release a covers album earlier next year.