Ringo Starr: ‘The Beatles were punks’ – video

Starr also reveals how the band reacted to having their first hit

Ringo Starr has said that The Beatles were ‘punks’.

Speaking in the clip above, taken from the Martin Scorsese documentary George Harrison: Living In The Material World, the drummer described their reaction to hearing their first hit singles on the radio.

He said: “We were punks really. We were just incredibly grateful to be on the vinyl really. The idea of getting record…And then we’d be on the radio, we’d stop the car. And we’d drive on up to the gig.”

Meanwhile, in another clip from the film, Eric Clapton spoke about how Harrison penned the Beatles track ‘Here Comes The Sun’ from 1969’s ‘Abbey Road’.

Clapton said:

George was a magical guy, he’d get out his guitar. We’d sit out at the bottom of the garden, looking out at the sun shining and he’s come out with this song.

To see the clip, click below.

The DVD of George Harrison : Living In The Material World is released today (October 10).

The project was co-produced with the guitarist’s widow Olivia and features home movies and interviews with the surviving band members. The film traces Harrison‘s life from his musical beginnings in Liverpool, through his time as a filmmaker and philanthropist.

Along with Clapton the film includes interviews with Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Phil Spector, Ringo Starr and Jackie Stewart.