The Beatles’ arrest papers go up for auction

Documents detailing Lennon and Harrison drug busts up for sale

Arrest papers detailing drug busts involving The BeatlesJohn Lennon and George Harrison in the 1960s are to be sold at auction.

The first set of papers are from the time when Lennon‘s London flat was raided in 1968 and police found a quantity of cannabis resin, which resulted in his arrest and a £150 fine.

The second date from the following year when Harrison‘s home was raided while he was attending Sir Paul McCartney‘s wedding to first wife Linda. He too was later arrested and fined.

Both were arrested by Detective Sergeant Norman Pilcher, the officer was famed for targeting rock musicians including Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton over their wild lifestyles, but was later convicted of perjury and jailed.

The papers are to be auctioned online later today (October 29).