Unreleased Beatles material surfaces online

Fans are calling the find 'the holy grail'

A previously unreleased version of The Beatles‘Revolution 1’ has found its way online.

The recording, which is supposedly ‘Take 20’ of the song, is available to listen to via a YouTube link below.

‘Take 20’ of the song is notable, as it appears to bridge the gap between The Beatles‘Revolution 1’ and ‘Revolution 9’.

The main difference in the ‘new’ version of ‘Revolution 1’ and the version of the same song that appeared on ‘The Beatles’ (commonly known as ‘The White Album’) is the track’s length. The unreleased version is a full seven minutes longer than its released counterpart.

Lyrically and structure-wise, the song doesn’t differ wildly from the released version, although the entire second half of the unreleased version is made up of tape loops, vocal effects and studio trickery – some of which appears to have been sampled by The Beatles for use on their sample-heavy ‘Revolution 9’ track, which also appears on ‘The White Album’.

‘Take 20’ of the song begins with the band talking in the studio, where John Lennon is heard saying “Take your knickers off and let’s go” in a high-pitched voice.

The band then begin playing the song.

Although ‘Revolution 1 (Take 20)’ soon mutates into five minutes of assorted backwards singing and screaming from the band, the drums, guitars and George Harrison‘s vocal of “Om-shooby-do-wop” still remain throughout.

Towards the ten-minute mark, the song breaks down into a barrage of speech and from John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Blogs across the internet are hosting the song, with some fans hailing it as ‘the holy grail’ of unreleased Beatles material.

However, it is yet to be officially confirmed as being authentic.

Listen to ‘Revolution 1 (Take 20)’ below.