Rare Beatles, David Bowie, Rolling Stones photos for National Portrait Gallery

Plus Jimi Hendrix, Kinks and Who photos to be shown in London

A new exhibition showing rare photographs of acts including The Beatles, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and The Kinks are set to go on display at London‘s National Portrait Gallery later this year.

The Beatles To Bowie: The ’60s Exposed exhibition will run from October 15 to January 24 next year and will feature 150 photographs from the decade including those of The Who Marianne Faithful and Cliff Richard, as well as the above acts.

In a statement organisers explained that over 100 of the photographs will be previously unseen by the public.

It is helmed by Terence Pepper, Curator Of Photographs for the gallery.

See Npg.org.uk for more information.

See next week’s issue of NME for more unseen shots of The Beatles straight from Apple. The edition – featuring 13 collectible covers – is devoted to the Fab Four‘s albums which are all being reissued on September 9.