Happy birthday ‘Sgt Pepper’!

The Beatles album is 40 today

The Beatles‘ album ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ is 40 years old today (June 2) – and all day we’re going to be celebrating the release of arguably the most famous album of all time.

The LP was revered on its’ 1967 release, both a critical and popular sensation – Jimi Hendrix even covered the title track within two days of its’ release, such was the impact it had. Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys mainman who composed the classic ‘Pet Sounds’ in response to the Fab Four’s previous album ‘Revolver’, ditched his plans to release the planned ‘Smile’ album, so freaked out was he by what The Beatles had achieved.

And many of today’s bands owe an obvious debt to the record, including many of the acts set to cover songs from it on the Radio 2 tribute, such as Oasis, Kaiser Chiefs and Razorlight.

And its impact has and will continue through the years – legions of new fans bought it when made available on CD on it’s 20th anniversary in 1987, and many more will discover its’ delights when, as expected, it is made available digitally later this year.

So what do YOU think? What are your views on ‘Sgt Pepper’? Do you think it deserves its’ lofty status, or is it grossly overrated? And are any of you old enough to remember when it came out and the impact it had? And do any of you have any ‘…Pepper’– related stories?

Play stay tuned to NME.COM all day today as we mark the album’s birthday.

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