Bootleg Beatles defy rooftop gig ban

Band sneak onto the Apple roof to play a couple of songs

The Bootleg Beatles defied police and council officers by playing an impromptu gig on the roof of The Beatles old Apple building in Saville Row, London today (January 30).

Today is the fortieth anniversary of The Beatles‘ iconic gig, which saw the band take to the Apple roof unannounced and perform what would be their final public gig together.

The anniversary show had originally been cancelled by police and council officials due to safety fears.

However, The Bootleg Beatles’ Andre Barreau, who plays George Harrison, told NME.COM that he and David Catlin-Birch (Paul McCartney) did manage to play a couple of songs on the roof without the police knowing.

“We snuck up there to play a few songs to mark the occasion. We did ‘One After 909’ and ‘Get Back’, which were a couple of the songs out of the five that The Beatles did,” he said.

“It is a shame. Loads of bands – from U2 to Oasis, apparently – have asked to play up there and we’re the only ones who’ve ever been allowed [the band performed for the gig’s thirtieth anniversary]. But it wasn’t to be this time, sadly. Maybe, if we’re still going in ten years timeā€¦”

Today’s show was in support of the Peace One Day charity.

Ironically, in 1969, the Metropolitan Police cut The Beatles‘ gig short by cutting the building’s power.