Beatles gold-plated ukulele up for auction

George Harrison's historic instrument could be yours

A ukulele formerly owned by The BeatlesGeorge Harrison and 1950s star George Formby is being auctioned in London.

The gold-plated Dallas E Banjolele was bought by Harrison at auction and sold back to the Formby family well after the music hall star’s death in 1961.

The instrument is being sold with two other instruments owned by Formby, including a Dallas C Banjolele and an Abbott ‘Monarch’ – also known as a ‘Little Strad’ – which Formby used on his most famous tune ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’.

According to, the gold-plated banjolele is expected to fetch £20,000-£35,000, the Dallas C Banjolele is expected to sell for £25,000-£45,000 and the Abbott ‘Monarch’ is estimated to make £20,000-£30,000.

George Harrison was a long-time fan of Formby‘s mix of northern wit and music hall comedy songs.